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The Best Use of Your Tax Refund (Hint: It’s Not a Vacation!)

ID-10094956Tax season is here again, and as people across the country file their tax returns, they are already making plans for how to spend their tax refunds.

With summer quickly approaching, many families will probably use their refund towards a vacation, new warm weather outfits, or a PS4 or Xbox One to keep the kids occupied while school is out. Unfortunately, there is a great option that families don’t always consider, and it can improve job stability and overall quality of day-to-day life.

Families who have been planning to buy a new car in 2014 should consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from a recent model year. Owning a car can improve a family’s economic standing, the parents’ job stability, and the well-being of the family as a whole. Additionally, it can improve the credit health of the parents if they keep up with their payments, and if they use their tax refund towards a down-payment, they can certainly negotiate a lower interest rate. Also, a pre-owned vehicle from last year or only a few years ago will still have modern features like built-in navigational systems, driver/passenger climate control, or Sirius radio.

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