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Auto Sales in 2015 Hit Record High as Auto Loans Become Easier to Obtain


When the recession hit, the auto world was one of the industries hit the hardest.  The market it had relied on was no longer spending money and they in turn were about to go belly up.  With a controversial loan, the industry was able to keep going to 2015, where it manage to set a record sales year.  2015 may be the year where it finally shows the auto industry is back.

For years, people avoided buying a new or used car.  They simply couldn’t afford it with due to elements of the recession.  For many, it was also because lenders had cut off access to subprime loans.  Those with bad credit or low credit were unable to find car loans even when they needed it.  As the years went on and the auto industry slowly recovered, that policy of being harder on offering loans started to go away and the lenders were being more open to loaning.

The employment rate is at the highest it has been in years and gas is at the lowest it has been since the recession first hit.  It’s no wonder that people are finally getting out to purchasing vehicle.  For some, it had finally hit the breaking point.  They had been holding off and hoping that the current vehicle they owned would last through the hard time.  Many drivers were avoiding trading in a used vehicle being unable to afford it.  They sat on their current vehicle for longer than recommended and are now at a point where they simply need to get a new or used vehicle.

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Get Approved for an Auto Loan With Your Tax Refund


It’s the same struggle every year.  Taxes are done, and done early, and the tax refund has finally arrived.  Now, what to do with it?  We’re here to make that decision easy; use it to get an auto loan!

We here at Approved Loan Store work hard everyday to help people with bad and poor credit to get approved for auto loans.  This year, we’re reaching out to let people know that If you have a job and your tax refund, we can get you a car loan.


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Car Buying Tips for Bad Credit Shoppers


You have bad credit and need to get a car.  That’s never a good place to find yourself in, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do.  Here is some advice on what you can do to help yourself out when it comes to getting an auto loan with bad credit.

First, know your credit score.  This one is very important for so many reasons.  First, you have bad credit, but just how bad is it?  Do you know your score?  This is something you should always know.  Get your credit report from the three credit agencies and make sure that you know just how bad the score in the reports is.

Second, consider a large down payment.  When getting an auto loan, a good way to counter balance bad credit is to get more money to put down.  It is a way to show the lenders that you have the ability to put together money and are showing you’ll be making sure to hit those monthly payments.  If you can put together a larger down payment, make sure you do it.

Lastly, accept that with bad credit, your car choices are limited.  We all want that nice new sports car that was shown on this or that movie.  It would be nice to cruise down the street in our dream vehicle, but that is not the option yet.  For the time being, practically outweighs desire.  Understand that when auto shopping with bad credit, you’re going to want to stick with an older car that will likely be cheaper.  Make sure to assess it to see if it matches your needs for size and capability.  You may already realize that, but it is something that needs to be stated.

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