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Get Approved for an Auto Loan With Your Tax Refund


It’s the same struggle every year.  Taxes are done, and done early, and the tax refund has finally arrived.  Now, what to do with it?  We’re here to make that decision easy; use it to get an auto loan!

We here at Approved Loan Store work hard everyday to help people with bad and poor credit to get approved for auto loans.  This year, we’re reaching out to let people know that If you have a job and your tax refund, we can get you a car loan.


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Don’t worry about that credit score.  All you need to do is head on over to this page and fill out our short online application.  Once it’s been completed, a representative will get in touch with you to get the ball rolling.

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How to Use Your 2016 Tax Refund as a Down Payment


The deadline for filing taxes is still a ways out, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t already started to get that refund check in the mail.  For those who do received a refund check, this brings up the yearly question; what do you do with that money?  If you’re one of those people who is looking for ideas, have you thought about using it as a down payment on a new vehicle?

Many people, due to recent economic trends, have been sitting on cars on the verge of breaking down due to being unable to afford a new one.  If you’re one of these people, and especially one that has bad credit, a larger down payment can really go a long way in helping easing the pain of a car purchase.

People with challenged credit can find that a large down payment can help with the buying process.  Edmunds spoke with a sales manager at a dealership who had this to say about people using their tax refund as down payment.  “A $3,000 (the average amount of a refund) down payment does a number of things to help a customer with challenged credit.  First, it shows the lender how serious the buyer is about taking on a loan.  It also reduces the likelihood of the buyer being upside-down during the life of the loan.”  He also adds that having a smaller loan amount leads to smaller payments and leads to less of a burden on the monthly payments someone has to make.

Be mindful of using your tax refund in this method.  It can really go a long way in helping to deal with the necessity of purchasing a new or used vehicle.  If you have your tax refund and need help in getting an auto loan, click here to go to our application page on Approved Loan Store’s website.  Fill it out and we’ll contact you so we can get the process started.

Survey: Americans Spending Tax Refund on New Cars, Auto Repairs

A new survey shows that Americans are already planning how to spend their tax refund, and the results point to a very happy spring for car dealerships across the country.

Out of the surveyed consumers, 68 percent expected to get a tax refund, and out of those consumers, a third will either spend the refund on a new or used car or spend it on car repairs. While the average tax refund amount is $2,900, the average amount they will put towards purchasing a new car or repairing their car is over $1,000.

During this time of the year, auto dealerships have the opportunity to close a lot of deals and move a significant amount of inventory. The survey showed that car buyers are just as interested in used cars as new cars, so if dealerships take the right marketing approach, they could see a spike in both new and used car sales.

For car buyers, this is also great news. Dealerships will be ready for a surge of customers, and many will offer seasonal incentives and deals in preparation of tax time. Besides that, having a tax refund ready as a down payment will give car buyers more options as far as available vehicles and flexible financing.

Is your tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Are you ready to get into a new or used car today? Approved Loan Store wants to help YOU! Good credit, bad credit, no credit, we will work with you to get a car you want at terms you can afford! Get started today by filling out our secure online auto loan application here, and for more auto news and buying tips, like Approved Loan Store on Facebook, follow Approved Loan Store on Twitter, and subscribe to Approved Loan Store on YouTube!

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Car Loans: Using Tax Refund as a Down Payment

It’s the silver lining of having to deal with taxes.  After all the math and beating your head against a table trying to figure out why box 8 doesn’t add up right because of box 6, it’s nice to see that chunk of change coming back into your pocket.  The average tax refund in 2011 was $2,913 according to an article in Yahoo Finance.  Another figure the article quotes is that the average American worker spends just shy of $2,000 a year on lunches and coffee.

It begs the question of just what to do with a hefty amount of money.  Does it go towards all those lunch breaks?  Does it go towards paying off the credit card debt built up from holiday shopping?  Is it time to buy that new TV?  57% plan to use it to pay off debts.  There’s another option though.  That amount of a refund is perfect for putting down towards a new vehicle.  It’s sound advice for the weary car buyer out there afraid of their credit score.  Lending is really starting to pick up in the sub-prime market as the economy is starting to turn around.  That’s great news for someone with extra spending cash in their wallet.

A higher down payment can lead to a much better monthly.  The difference between putting $1,000 down on financing a $15,000 car is about $297.46 a month at 10% interest.  If you put down closer to $3,000, that rate goes down to $254.96.  That’s over $50.00 a month and that savings can add up fast.  So before just using that tax refund to head to Starbucks, think hard about how much it might benefit the buying of a new car.

Now is a good time to buy and explore your options.  Approved Loan Store has a number of dealers available to work with you even if you have bad credit.  Fill out the easy application here and you’ll hear back from someone within 48 hours.   Make sure to also like us on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest news and trends in the industry.

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