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Avoiding Student Loans: Good Financial Sense or Common Financial Pitfall?

In tough economic times, people are less willing to take on debt, even if it means a long-term gain. Case in point, student loans. The Associated Press published a story recently about a movement amongst students starting college to avoid taking out student loans. They will live at home, borrow their textbooks from the library, and take on several jobs to pay off their tuition right away.

At first glance, it sort of makes sense. Many recent graduates are having trouble finding jobs paying well enough to pay off their student loans. If a student wants to put in the time and work to pay off their tuition now and avoid debt later, then why shouldn’t they do it? Isn’t it the most responsible path available?

Well, it is actually not as simple as that. First off, Deborah Santiago of Excelencia in Education says that students who take out loans are more likely to complete their degree and argues that, “If you can go to a more selective institution that gives you more resources and support, you’re more likely to compete.” Depending on the student, it is usually a better idea to take out a loan and go to a first-rate school than get a second or third-rate education without taking out a loan.

Besides that, if a student wants to set themselves up for a strong financial future, they will want to establish a good credit history. With a student loan, they can spend more time studying and getting better grades, and they won’t have to take on as much extra outside work hours. Instead, they can focus on making their loan payments on time which will make them desirable to lenders if they want to get a car or house in the future. A lot of employers also look at job applicants’ credit reports, and they might look on them more favorably after seeing that positive payment history.

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TransUnion Study Means Good News for Car Buyers

TransUnion has a simple message for consumers on the fence about buying a car: Buy now!

According to a new study released by TransUnion, one of the “Big 3” credit bureaus, all signs are pointing to a good time to get an auto loan. Only about a half of a percent of consumers are 60 days or more past due with their auto loan payments, and at the same time, there have been 28 percent more auto loans signed during the second quarter of 2011 than the second quarter of 2009. Furthermore, the Detroit Free Press predicted this week that banks and lenders would be competing more fiercely in the new year and making sweeter offers to entice consumers who might not even be considering buying a car.

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4 Percent Rates Spur Rise in Home Purchases

Hoping to jump-start home sales, lenders have been slashing their loan interest rates to under 4 percent for many consumers.

According to facts released Thursday by Freddie Mac, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages (FRM) were averaging 3.99 percent. 15-year FRM were at an average of 3.27 percent, and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) were staying low as well with a 5-year Treasury-indexed ARM of 2.93 percent and 1-year Treasury-indexed ARM of 2.8 percent. Lenders are hoping that these low interest rates will make people rethink home ownership, and so far, it has paid off. Home loan applications spike to a four-month high after Thanksgiving.

This is great news for people thinking about buying a home. These lower interest rates combined with the recent drop in unemployment mean that being a homeowner is attainable for more Americans, and people are taking advantage of the opportunity. 2011 was a tough year for the American people, and it is heartening that so many are giving new meaning to the phrase “home for the holidays.”

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Wells Fargo Student Loan Interest Cuts: Deal or No Deal?

Recently, student loans have been all over the news. Some members of Occupy Wall Street are calling for the government to forgive student loan debt, and many young people are concerned about finding a job that will help them pay off their student loans.

In response to these growing concerns, Wells Fargo announced late last week that it will be offering lower fixed interest rates on loans for undergrads as well as lower rates for parents, community and career college students, and consolidation loans. With the new program, undergrad loan interest rates can be as low as 7.24 percent.

It may sound like a good deal, but Wells Fargo might not be the right choice for everyone even with the interest rate cut. As with all loans, consumers with better credit will get lower interest rates, and Wells Fargo’s student loans can still have interest rates up to 13.99 percent. Shopping around for the best rates is vitally important in today’s economy, whether a consumer has good credit or poor credit. Otherwise, lenders can end up spending more money than necessary.

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Auto Loans on the Rise

Americans are feeling comfortable with credit again, particularly when it comes to car loans.

According to Bloomberg, auto loans are on the rise and heavily contributed to the year-end boost in consumer borrowing. Credit in the United States hit $2.46 trillion during the month of October, and non-revolving debt alone increased by $7.28 billion. Non-revolving debt includes student loans, mobile home loans, and auto loans.

What does it mean? Well, clearly lenders are more willing to approve consumers for a car loan, and consumers are more willing to invest in larger purchases. Recently, unemployment numbers started dropping and payroll numbers have been steadily going up in 2011. More consumers have a stronger financial standing than they did one year ago or two years ago, and many of them want or need a new car. Overall, more consumers are getting car loans now than they have since 2009, so it is an optimal time to look for an auto loan.

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