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Auto Loans on the Rise

Americans are feeling comfortable with credit again, particularly when it comes to car loans.

According to Bloomberg, auto loans are on the rise and heavily contributed to the year-end boost in consumer borrowing. Credit in the United States hit $2.46 trillion during the month of October, and non-revolving debt alone increased by $7.28 billion. Non-revolving debt includes student loans, mobile home loans, and auto loans.

What does it mean? Well, clearly lenders are more willing to approve consumers for a car loan, and consumers are more willing to invest in larger purchases. Recently, unemployment numbers started dropping and payroll numbers have been steadily going up in 2011. More consumers have a stronger financial standing than they did one year ago or two years ago, and many of them want or need a new car. Overall, more consumers are getting car loans now than they have since 2009, so it is an optimal time to look for an auto loan.

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