Car Loan Repayment Sees Improvement

New analysis from Equifax on consumer debt has found some interesting results. What they found was that consumers were more likely in 2011 to make their payments on time on auto loans than any other year. The delinquency rates of 60 days or more fell not only for auto finance companies but for banks as well. To be exact, the auto finance companies saw a decrease in 19 percent while the auto banking sector’s drop was 23 percent. An even more remarkable figure to go with that report is that more than 30 billion dollars in new auto loans were taken out in October 2011.

Auto loans weren’t the only place in the credit industry that was seeing consumers paying back their loans. Bank credit card lending was given its greatest year over year improvement with a 29 percent decrease in 60 day plus delinquency. Retail credit cards had about a 15 percent improvement.

Michael Koukounas, senior vice president of analytics for Equifax, had this to say about the news, “The improvement in 2011 delinquency data, paired with consistent growth in loan origination in multiple sectors, provides truly positive momentum for the industry as we begin a new year.” With the recent job numbers and unemployment rate going down to 8.3 percent, there’s hope that this trend continues into 2012. Consumer debt itself is down from the 12.4 trillion in 2008 to about 11.1 trillion.

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