Car Repairs: Save Money and Don’t Do-It-Yourself!

Thanks to do-it-yourself TV shows and YouTube channels, everyone thinks they can become an expert in hair styling, cooking, or car repairs in no time at all. Unsurprisingly, that isn’t really true. Anyone can learn to change a tire or charge the oil, but for most car repairs, you need a certain level of training.

This week, The Car Connection compiled a list of repairs that should really be left to the experts, and after reviewing the list, we at Approved Loan Store have to agree. If you ever run into these problems with your car, don’t take a risk and try to save money by doing it yourself. Talk to friends or read reviews online, and find a trusted mechanic.

Timing-belt replacement – In one case, a DIY customer turned what would have been a $600 repair job for a mechanic into a $3,500 job for a mechanic.

Transmission maintenance or repair – Automatic transmissions are tricky for anyone, and it is too easy to mess up one of the intricate parts and ultimately destroy the transmission.

Overheating – An overheated engine needs a trained mechanic. End of story.

Drivability problems and error codes – When fixing an error code, DIYers sometimes make the mistake of replacing an entire part when there might not even be a problem with that part. Take it to the professionals and let them run tests on the check light.

Replacing suspension components – Labor costs on suspension repairs isn’t bad, and the chance of error is very high. Also, suspension repairs sometimes require specialty equipment that most DIYers won’t have. In the end, it makes much more sense to let a mechanic do it.

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