New Jersey Car Enthusiast Stumbles Upon Nazi-Owned Mercedes-Benz

A car collector in New Jersey might have stumbled upon a rare find, a Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D convertible that might have once belonged to Adolf Hitler.

Zenop Tuncer, the owner of Euro Tech Motors, made the discovery while trying to procure a Mercedes-Benz 540K for real estate developer Fred Daibes. He couldn’t get the car Daibes initially wanted, but he offered a 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D convertible instead which Tuncer found during his search. Tuncer suspected something was unusual when he contacted Mercedes-Benz to order additional parts for the car, and a company rep asked if there was an eagle with a swastika next to the serial number. As it turns out, Mercedes-Benz had built eight of these cars for the Nazis, and Daibes’ car could be one of them.

The authenticity of the car and the claim have not been fully investigated yet, but it is a fascinating story nonetheless. If the car is one of the ones that Mercedes-Benz built for the Nazis, it is a rare piece of history, and Tuncer and Daibes were lucky to stumble upon it. Daibes told CBS News, “It’s Hitler’s car, he’s a devil, but you know, he’s still part of history. From a financial point of view the car is worth more money than when I paid for it so that’s the only way I look at it.”

Readers, we want to hear from you! How would you feel about owning a car that might have belonged to Hitler? Would you preserve it for history, or would you feel uncomfortable with it? Leave a comment below, and tell us what you think!

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