Road Rage, Texting Problem with American Drivers

According to a new survey from Harris Interactive, more Americans need to take a breath and put down their phones when they get behind the wheel.

The survey looked at American drivers who are employed full-time and examined their behaviors on the road. As it turns out, women were slightly more likely to admit to road rage than men with 61 percent of women saying they had experienced road rage compared to 56 percent of men, and drivers between the ages of 25 and 34 experienced road rage more than the 55 and older respondents.

If this wasn’t discouraging enough, 30 percent of survey respondents admitted that they have texted while driving. States across the country have passed laws against texting while driving, and shows like Fox’s Glee have done episodes and PSAs on the subject. Still, drivers continue to text and drive undeterred by the obvious dangers.

At Approved Loan Store, we want all of our readers and customers to stay safe on the road, and there are simple steps to alleviate stress while driving! Turn off your cell phone so there isn’t any temptation to answer it while driving, and in the summer heat, stay cool and hydrated to avoid road rage. Be calm, be careful, and stay safe this summer!

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