Why 2012’s Most Popular Car Colors Are Anything But “Boring”

In a famous scene from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, Lucius Fox is showing off the Batmobile Tumbler to Bruce Wayne. After seeing the Tumbler go through the paces, Bruce coolly asks, “Does it come in black?”

Bruce Wayne, like many other people searching for a new car, knows that the color of their car makes a statement, and the color of a person’s car can either enhance or destroy a first impression. Americans are still recovering, and though unemployment is dropping slowly but surely, people want cars that are practical and will give the impression of professionalism. PPG Industries, a paint supplier for many of the major car manufacturers, released its list of the top 5 car colors for 2012, and the list reflected a more conservative car-buying public. White was the top color making up 22 percent of cars and trucks build for the 2012 models, followed by silver, black, grey, and red. All of these colors are classic and will give the car a timeless look as opposed to more outrageous colors.

Imagine my surprise when I see the Associated Press’ headline “America’s favorite car colors for 2012 are…boring.” According to their headline, this is boring:

This is boring:

Even this is boring:

Does the Associated Press really think that white, silver, black, grey, and red are boring colors? Would they rather see people pulling up for a job interview in a bright neon-colored car? The truth is that the color black can remind someone of Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress just as much as it can remind someone of an undertaker. White, silver, and black will suit a business function as much as a night out on the town. It isn’t that the top colors of 2012 are boring but that they are more versatile than other car colors that will only suit one time or place.

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