Study: Deadly Daydreaming Distracts Drivers

A new study on distracted driving shows that daydreaming might be more deadly than using a cell phone while driving.

According to Erie Insurance Group, daydreaming while driving cause 62 percent of distracted driving accidents. Only 12 percent of distracted driving accidents were caused by cell phone usage, even though most initiatives targeting distracted driving are specifically about cell phone usage while driving. The study also named other major driving distractions such as eating while driving, managing pets, and talking with other passengers.

This study should change the conversation on distracted driving. The question shouldn’t be how drivers can do more while driving but rather how drivers should focus only on the road while driving. People are driving and thinking about a million things, thinking they can go on autopilot and still drive safely. Clearly, they are wrong. Distracted driving initiatives will be more successful if they start early with driver’s ed classes and target older drivers using public service announcements which focus more on the attitude that drivers can multi-task rather than just cell phones.

Readers, what do you think? Do you use your cell phone while driving? Do you think these public service announcements and initiatives are helpful for stopping distracted driving? Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think!

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