Study: Halloween Worst Day of the Year for Cars

ID-1008239If Halloween left you with egged windows and toilet papered trees, count yourself fortunate. Many drivers woke up to find damaged cars, all in the name of out-of-hand holiday mischief.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that drivers have twice the chance of waking up to broken windshields, spray painted graffiti, or slashed tires on November 1 compared to the rest of the year. An average of over 1200 insurance claims are filed for damage from Halloween night’s tricks, more than any other single day including the 4th of July, New Years, and St. Patrick’s Day. With an average claim costing $1,528, Halloween alone accounts for $1.9 million in claims.

For drivers with a garage, the answer is obviously to park the car inside for the night, but what about everyone else? On high-risk holidays like Halloween and the 4th of July, it might be worth it to pay for a spot in a parking garage for the day. Depending on the attachment to the car, it might be better to pay for peace of mind and prevent a costly bit of vandalism.

Was your car damaged this Halloween? Do you have any suggestions for drivers wanting to protect their car? Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think!

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