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Budgeting to Afford an Auto Loan

One of the biggest question that people have when they go to get an auto loan is what can they afford with financing a car. That’s a question that Approved Loan Store is striving to answer, and Loans.org has some great first steps towards planning a car purchase.

People need to understand just where their monthly income should go to. An auto loan is something that can cause a great deal of financial stress and should be prepared for. Following the steps the article lays out, it can make a world of difference in making sure that a family can repay an auto loan without breaking the bank.

The budget plan was proposed by Liz Weston, a finance writer. It’s the 50/30/20 budgeting plan. What this breaks down to is that the person following the plan needs to divide one’s needs, wants, and savings in different allotments. Needs should take up no more than 50 percent of one’s after-tax income, wants are 30 percent, and the 20 percent that remains should be saved.

Breaking it down even further, the plan calls to make sure that needs are actual needs. Needs do not include those nice new shoes but rather things that are necessary for survival. Those items include housing and food, and, in the case of this blog, transportation. One of the items in needed that the article recommends possibly cutting back on is a cell phone plan if the basic plan can help keep costs down. Other ways to cut back on needs is to stop eating out for dinner and instead opt for home-cooked, and generally healthier, meals.

Wants include things such as movies, video games, clothing, or anything else that goes beyond the basic. In order to accomplish this, you can cut back again on a cell phone plan. You can also avoid the new season’s style and instead save money for later. That’s where the final 20 comes in, putting aside 20 percent every month in savings. This will go a long way in giving comfort of mind. The recent economic collapse put everyone on edge, creating an atmosphere of fear of sudden and long term job loss. If you’re properly prepared for such life altering events, then you can be in a better situation should the worst case arise.

Bringing it back to auto loans, this budgeting plan can go a long way in making sure that anyone is comfortable with paying back an auto loan. By breaking down just what in someone’s life is necessary versus a want and putting a set sum aside for saving, it puts the person in control of their financing. Following this budgeting can help borrowers assure themselves that they can make the loan payments and still have enough set aside in case something happens.

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