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Auto Loan Amounts Hit Post-Recession Peaks

According to a new report from Equifax, consumers looking to get an auto loan could be getting a lot more than they expected.

Back in August, Equifax recorded that auto loan originations year-to-date through August 2012 came out to more than $283 billion. The last time it was that high over an eight-month period was back in 2006 at $297.5 billion or the equivalent of 14.6 million new and used vehicles. Loan amounts have also gone up with loans averaging $19,492 back in August, once again having comparable numbers to average loan amounts in 2006.

Equifax’s Chief Economist Amy Crews-Cutts claims that auto loans recovered quicker than other types of loans because the public’s demand has not waned. It makes sense because while people can put off certain purchases like a house, a car is a necessity in most parts of the country. Americans will still go for an auto loan because they need to get to around, to drive to work or pick up their kids from school. When consumers couldn’t get the loan amount they wanted, they made do with what they got. Now that loan amounts are at pre-recession levels, consumers can afford to get a car that they both need and want.

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