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Low Income Drivers Struggling to Find Reasonable Auto Insurance

Car Insurance is something that many drivers struggle with. By law, they are required to have it for their cars. The problem is that many have issues with even affording it. Due to things, such as credit problems, many are not getting a fair chance to get reasonable insurance.

The Consumer Federation Of America recently released a study called, “Lower Income Households and the Auto Insurance Marketplace: Challenges and Opportunities.” The study shows some of the ways that low income consumer are being denied economic opportunities in the auto insurance market. A couple of the major auto insurers are even refusing to sell policies to low income customers. The ones that do sell them are often at much higher premiums and give much less coverage.

The startling number the study reveals is that a third of low income drivers don’t even have insurance. That means that low income families have an incredibly hard, almost impossible, time getting qualified for an auto loan. The Consumer Federation of America is wanting state regulators to lead a charge in getting something done. They are asking for low income families to be able to get access to insurances by lowering minimum liability coverage requirements, by creating low income purchasing programs, and starting a program that will reward safe drivers.

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