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“Clean up your credit overnight! Get the best rates without leaving the house, and pay no money down on a Mercedes-Benz!”

These days, a lot of companies are promising the world to people with challenged credit who are looking for a way back. One of the fastest ways to re-establish credit is through a car loan, so there is a high demand for car loans from people with challenged credit. Unfortunately, this means that some businesses will take advantage of that demand and take advantage of less-informed consumers. We wanted to clear up some misconceptions and misinformation that is spread about credit restoration and auto loans. If more consumers are educated, then less people will fall prey to these predatory companies.

First off, credit restoration is not an overnight process. Any company that offers an overnight solution or a new Social Security number with a clean credit record is lying. Worse, anyone that offers to sell a new Social Security number is committing a crime. These Social Security numbers have to come from somewhere, and some of these scam artists are selling children’s Social Security numbers. Foster children are especially vulnerable to these crimes because their personal information is passed around so much, and most parents wouldn’t think to check their child’s credit report.

The truth is that the credit restoration process can take as little as a month or up to half a year. By law, the credit bureaus have to be given about 35 days to respond to any credit report dispute, so the quickest way to gauge if a credit restoration company is legitimate is asking them how long the process takes. Also, credit restoration companies cannot charge upfront for services. Some companies get around this law by bundling credit restoration with other services, but they cannot specifically charge consumers for credit restoration work until they see results.

Another misconception about credit is that getting negative information taken off will automatically improve the credit score. A large part of a credit score is based on credit history, so getting a good credit score means having open accounts that have been paid on time consistently. (Once again, this is why an auto loan is a great option for people who want to improve their credit.) Still, some people expect their credit score to dramatically increase immediately after starting credit restoration, but any change in the credit score depends on the individual and their own credit history. One person might go from a 500-something credit score to low 700s while someone else will struggle to break 600. It is not a one-size-fits-all process, and every person will have a different experience.

When consumers understand how credit restoration works, they have an easier time picking out which companies are legitimately trying to help people with challenged credit and which companies can’t deliver what they are promising. Doing credit restoration in one week and getting an auto loan with premium rates the next week is simply not possible. At Approved Loan Store, we know that rebuilding credit takes time, and we offer real solutions, not fantasies. If you have challenged credit, we can help you in getting a car loan, and we can also advise you on reputable credit restoration services. The road back to good credit is tough and getting a car can be tough too. That is why Approved Loan Store is here to help, getting customers into a car and back on the road to good credit.

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