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Auto Loan: New FICO 8 Unnecessarily Complicates Credit Score

Maintaining a good credit score is a tough task that takes time, attention, and diligence on the part of the consumer. Most Americans don’t even know their credit score, much less what it means or how it is calculated. Consumer groups and government agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are trying to demystify credit reports and credit scores for the general public, but unfortunately, the credit reporting industry is, perhaps intentionally, making credit scores more confusing.

FICO scores have been the credit industry standard for years, ranging from 300 up to 850. When lenders talk about your credit score, it is likely they are referring to your FICO score. Recently, the Fair Isaac Corporation, which produces the FICO score, touted that the number of consumers in the top tier of credit scores has increased, and the number in the bottom tier has decreased. This sounds like really great news until Ann Carrns of the New York Times took a closer look.

As it turns out, the numbers they were touting were not based on the FICO score but rather a new-and-improved FICO score, FICO 8. FICO 8 is a new formula used to calculate that all-important credit score which can mean the difference between getting approved for a higher amount on a car loan or getting a lower interest rate. Fair Isaac Corporation will disclose that over 76,000 creditors are using FICO 8, but they would not say how many creditors are using the older FICO score model or how a consumer can find out which model a particular creditor is using. Even more frustrating, the FICO 8 credit score is not available for purchase from Fair Isaac Corporation, so consumers are left in the dark as far as their FICO 8 score is concerned.

I’ve been writing about the credit industry and how it relates to the auto industry for a while now, and this is one of the most ridiculous stories I have ever heard. Through this blog, we are trying to simplify the car buying process and give our readers the most basic information that every consumer needs to know to improve their credit and get the best rates on an auto loan. When it comes to credit scores, we often tell people to stick with the original and the industry standard, their FICO score. Now, even that most basic tip has been complicated with the old model FICO score vs. the FICO 8 model. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has promised that they will be closely monitoring the credit reporting industry, and I sincerely hope that they crack down on this nonsense. One last message to FICO: Your actions are confusing consumers and making credit way too complicated. Please stop.

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Debunking Common Credit Score Myths

What’s your credit score? This is a question that defines so much in our lives. It determines loan rates, the ability to refinancing a home, credit card rates, and the list goes on. Your credit score is a magic number that’s kept in secret by the major credit score agencies because for the longest time, FICO didn’t want consumer to even know that these scores were out there. They sure weren’t even going to let people know what exactly went into giving a score. It wasn’t until early in 2000 that the curtain was pulled back a little and customers were given a chance to see their FICO scores. This was due to tremendous pressure from both politicians and consumer advocates. Now people have a better understanding of what they can do to improve their credit scores to give them a better shot at the best rates. That knowledge, however, is a double sided coin that has lead to many myths being passed along to improve scores.

One such myth is as long as you handle finance properly, then the credit score will just take care of itself. The problem with this thinking is that a credit score doesn’t simply examine your financing health. Credit scores tell lenders how likely you’ll default based on how you handle credit which is why having no credit can be just as bad as poor credit.

Another rampant myth in credit scores is that to have a good score you must carry a credit card balance. What’s being reported to the agencies is the balance from your last statement, not a leftover from when you got the statement and paid it. This myth can cause people to carry debt that is completely unnecessary under the belief that it affects a credit score in a positive manner. This is not true, and you should pay your bills in full anyway just to avoid interest.

Next myth that needs debunking is that you should never close an account if if can be helped. This falsehood exists because people are under the impression that closing unused accounts can help scores. That just isn’t true. Having unused or available credit can actually be seen as a low-risk factor viewed favorably by FICO. Closing a credit card removes available credit. Just shutting down unused accounts will not instantly improve your score.

These are just a few of many of the credit myths that have managed to weave their way into society. It’s hard to blame anyone seeing as how the credit agencies keep everything about the process so secretive. For anyone looking to finance a car, it’s important to have a grasp on your credit score. That being said, Approved Loan Store is looking to work with you, should you have excellent or bad credit. Go to the website today and check out how they can help you find the car or truck of your choice at an affordable price with the best rates. Follow on Facebook as well so you can view all future tips and news.

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