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Toyota, Chevrolet Sonic Earn High Marks in Brand Loyalty

When shopping for a new car, I want to know which brands and models inspire brand loyalty. I want to know which drivers are going back to their current brand or model to look for their next car. Buying a car is a commitment, and brand loyalty surveys are the best way to gauge which drivers have buyer’s regret and which drivers really love their car.

A recent report on brand loyalty from Experian Automotive had some fascinating results. The report looked at which vehicles had returning customers when they went to buy their next car. The top 5 vehicle brands and top 10 vehicle models are as follows:

Top 5 Brands

  1. Toyota:  47.3 percent return rate
  2. General Motors:  46.2 percent
  3. Ford:  46 percent
  4. Hyundai:  45.3 percent
  5. Honda:  43.1 percent

Top 10 Models

  1. Chevrolet Sonic:  60.3 percent
  2. Ford Fusion:  59.9 percent
  3. Ford Flex:  56 percent
  4. Ford Edge:  55.1 percent
  5. Ford Five Hundred:  53.1 percent
  6. Toyota Prius:  51.8 percent
  7. Chevrolet Cruze:  51.7 percent
  8. Kia Forte:  51.6 percent
  9. Ford Escape:  51.4 percent
  10. Ford Fiesta:  51.2 percent

Toyota took the top spot for car brands even though it only had one vehicle in the top 10 models. Ford dominated the models list with the Fusion, Flex, Edge, Five Hundred, Escape, and Fiesta, more than half the list. Most surprising, though, was that the new kid on the block, the Chevrolet Sonic, came in first with model loyalty. The Chevrolet Sonic, formerly known as the Chevrolet Aveo, only premiered in the United States a year ago. The fact that it is already commanding such brand loyalty is really interesting and definitely something to watch in the coming years.

Readers, we want to hear from you! Did your favorite car make the top ten? When you look for a new car, what car makes and models stand out to you or draw you back again? Leave a comment below, and tell us what you think!

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