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Poll: Auto Bailouts More Popular Than Bank Bailouts

With U.S. auto sales on the rise, a new poll is showing that Americans are much more supportive of the government bailout of the auto industry now than when the bailout happened in 2009.

The poll was conducted by Harris Interactive, one of the country’s foremost market research firms. Respondents were asked two questions. The first question was, “Regardless of whether you support or oppose these government bailouts, do you think the ones that the government has done have helped or hurt the economy?” and the second question was, “How much would you support or oppose the U.S. government using taxpayers’ money to bail out these sectors that are suffering from the economic recession?”

To the first question, 45 percent thought that the bailout of the car manufacturers helped the economy, compared to 23 percent who felt the same about the banks and 15 percent for insurance companies. Only 29 percent of respondents thought the car manufacturers bailout hurt the economy. To the second question, 69 percent of respondents in 2009 said they were opposed to using taxpayer money to bail out car manufacturers, and in 2012, 70 percent said they opposed it.

It might not seem like there was much of a change in how people responded to the second question. A little over two-thirds of the American public is still opposed to an auto bailout . Still, considering that there was an auto bailout only 3 years ago, I think it is interesting that the percentage held steady, especially when compared to public opinion on insurance company and bank bailouts. Insurance company bailouts went from 77 percent opposition to 86 percent opposition, and bank bailouts went from 65 percent opposition to 84 percent opposition.

Whether you supported or opposed the auto industry bailouts, it can’t be denied that the U.S. auto industry has made a comeback with higher sales, better cars, and better deals. Take advantage of this time in the auto industry and get into a new car today! Fill out our auto loan application here, and keep up with the latest news from the auto and loan industry by liking Approved Loan Store on Facebook and following Approved Loan Store on Twitter.

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