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Four Year Low for Interest Rates

There was good news today for car buyers. According to Bloomberg Business, interest rates are at the lowest they’ve been for four years. The low interest rates are in part to borrowers now paying their bill on time and not falling behind as well as a rise in demand for new cars. On average, the interest rate for a new car loan fell to 4.52% in the fourth quarter. This figure was founded by Experian Automotive and they also said that the rates were the lowest since they began tracking the figure in 2008.

Borrowers who have fallen behind on payments by 30 days saw a decline of $15.1 billion in the fourth quarter. That’s 8 percent down from just a year before and 28 percent lower overall of what it was at the end of 2009. Those who were delinquent on loans of 60 days decreased $3.48 billion which translates to a 14 percent drop-off from last year and 39 percent from 2009.

A positive up-swing in car sales has really lit a fire under the financial companies. They are now boosting lending in the auto industry after seeing a sales increase of $12.8 million last year, the second consecutive annual increase of at least 10 percent. Another factor in the lending trend is that the Federal Reserve has stayed committed to holding short-term rates at near zero all the way through at least 2014.

Experian’s report also noted that buyers whose credit is nonprime or even worse accounted for 23% of the new car financing market in the fourth quarter. This is a huge change considering that just the prior year, it was less than 20 percent.

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