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Financing Not an Issue with Buyers

People are more concerned about how their car looks than finding the financing for it according to a survey that was put out by J.D Power and Associates given to analyze why people buy certain cars. The findings they turned up paint quite the interesting picture of car buyers.

In a break down of the results, the reason that scored the highest for not buying a certain car was the look and/or design. The next reason was the price of the vehicle. Other notable reasons were online ratings, lack of reliability, and the interior design. The amazing thing about the results, however, is that financing didn’t rank highly on the list. Barely one percent of survey subjects stated that they wouldn’t purchase because of financing issues. That means that finding financing was less of a concern than the vehicle’s gas mileage or design choices.

I think the survey results say a lot, that even in such economic straits, people still care more about the car’s reputation or how cool it looks on the road before worrying about financing. This survey shows that people still care that their money is going towards quality, wanting only the best looks and gas mileage. They just seemed too stressed out about finding a loan to help them achieve that dream car that they want.

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