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SEMA Show: Chevy Pushing Compact Concepts, Z-Spec Options

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show is coming up next week starting October 30 and running through November 2. Parts manufacturers from across the country will be descending upon Las Vegas to browse, network, and see the future of the auto industry. Prior to the show, however, some exhibitors like Chevrolet are giving early previews of what attendees can look forward to.

According to Autoweek, Chevy will be showing off 39 cars at the SEMA Show next week, and most of their focus will be on a number of compact concept vehicles. The Sonic Z-Spec 1, Sonic Z-Spec 2.5, Spark Sinister, Cruze Upscale, and Sonic B-Spec will all be on display, and Chevy will be officially announcing that Z-Spec options will be in production in 2013. Car shoppers can either purchase and install them, or if they are purchasing a new car, they can add the cost of the options onto the price of the car and have the dealership install them.

This news from Chevy shows again that car manufacturers are focusing on compact cars. It is especially telling that Chevy is pushing compact cars at SEMA Show, one of the biggest automotive shows of the year. Also, Chevy’s announcement that Z-Spec options will be available in 2013 proves that they are listening to car shoppers. People have latched onto the idea of their car being customizable and unique to their needs, something that has worked well for the Dodge Dart, and pushing the Z-Spec options is a smart move on Chevy’s part.

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War Veterans Restore Classic Cars, Rehabilitate Bodies and Souls

For soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, the transition from military service to civilian life is a tough road both physically and psychologically. These difficulties are compounded for soldiers who sustained major injuries and have to re-enter civilian life with a physical handicap. In San Antonio, an auto garage has stepped up and is taking an active role in helping America’s veterans. Their goal? Restoring classic cars.

Automotivation was founded in 2006 by Operation Comfort, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for wounded troops. Operation Comfort coordinate sports programs, woodworking classes, financial assistance/education programs, and car restoration programs for soldiers rehabilitating at the Brooke Army Medical Center. These programs give the soldiers joy and purpose in an otherwise difficult time, and it also provides a social outlet where soldiers can bond over a common interest.

Since 2006, Automotivation has made annual trips to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas to show off their work. Thanks to generous donors, they have had plenty of work to show off. In the past few years, Automotivation has purchased and restored a 1984 Ford Bronco and a 1966 Cobra Kit Car. Their progress was documented on their website and can be seen here.

Besides the social aspect of the program, Automotivation’s organizers want to teach these soldiers practical skills that they can use in their professional lives. Returning soldiers can often have trouble finding work, and learning the ins and outs of a car can open new job opportunities to them. On the Operation Comfort website, one of the program’s organizers wrote, “Our hope is that these young men and women will find that they love working on cars and decide to go into the Automotive Industry.”

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