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Good Credit Habits to Start Practicing


People struggle with credit scores.  It is not something that is common knowledge and it’s not like it is a focus in our education system.  For something as impactful as credit can be, you’d think there would be.  That leaves it up to the individual to educate themselves on what to do to improve their credit should life occur and you find yourself struck with the ‘bad credit’ moniker.  In the event that you either would like to avoid having bad credit or have gotten yourself back in good standing, here is a few helpful credit habits to get into to ensure you continue having good credit.

  • Pay On Time:

Few things look better on credit reports than those that pay their bills on time.  From cell phone bills to car loan bills; each one that gets a regularly monthly bill needs to show that you are buying it on time.  Do what you can to organize your life around being diligent about buying these bills

Double-check the due dates.  If you schedule an auto-pay, ensure that it goes through every month.  Anything that can be done to remind yourself that a payment went through on time will be for the better, no matter how annoying it may feel at the time.  The benefit is worth the annoyance.

  • Guard Your Credit Report:

Knowing what is on your credit score is vital in this day and age.  It is important to know if what is being reported on there is fraudulent.  You’d be surprised how many people have errors on their reports that can be resolved and don’t do anything about it.  The usual reason is because they don’t know.  Take full advantage of your free credit reports and take the time to go through it.  By reducing errors and removing them, it can be a major boon to your credit score overall.

  • Deal With Issues ASAP:

Missed a payment?  Got an error on your credit report?  Don’t delay, get them fixed as soon as possible.  If a situation arises that will have a massive impact on your ability to pay monthly bills, such as job loss or a medical issue, make sure to speak with creditors.  The sooner they know and can start working with you to help your situation and make life easier, the better.  Don’t let yourself get dragged down when there are ways to get help.

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net