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Car Jacker Tries to Steal Car, Can’t Drive Stick

I have been driving ever since I could get my learner’s permit at 14, but in all my time driving, I have never learned how to drive stick shift. There might have been a chapter on it in my driver’s ed class textbook, but I have never needed to learn it.  As any new driver will tell you, driving takes a lot of practice, and stick shift is doubly difficult. For all these reasons, this story coming out of St. Louis, Missouri is just plain bizarre.

On Sunday, June 17, a driver parked in the Saint Louis University parking lot was threatened by an armed robber who demanded the money in the driver’s wallet as well as the car. The driver obliged, but the robber realized that the car was manual transmission. He had no idea how to drive the car, so stealing the car was no longer a viable option.

Now, here’s the kicker. The driver, who already gave the robber $24 out of his wallet, offered to give the robber a ride to wherever he needed to go. The robber agreed, and he even thanked the driver for his help in an awkward situation.

Obviously the police are investigating the incident and hope to find the robber, but honestly, I’m much more curious about the driver. What kind of person lets someone rob them at gun point and then offers to give their attacker a ride? They must be a kind of saint or Jesus Christ returned because this is “turn the other cheek” times ten. “If a man should rob you at gun point and demand your car and wallet, do not respond in kind. Instead, give him everything he asks and give him a ride if he is dumb enough to steal a car he can’t drive.”

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net