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Four Ways to Avoid Car Thieves

No one expects to be the target of a car thief, but in 2010, over 700,000 cars were reported as stolen. Every car owner should know the proper steps to take to decrease the chance of car theft, but most people do not. At Approved Loan Store, we want to get people into the car they want, and we want them to hold onto those cars as well. For that reason, we wanted to share some tips from The Car Connection for deterring car thieves.

Pack up laptops, iPads, and other electronics: Around Christmas time, most drivers will keep their shopping bags out of sight for car thieves scoping for a target. Year-round, it is smart to store any electronics left in the car in the glove compartment or under a seat, or if you can, leave the laptop or iPad at home.

Park smart: Always park in well-lit areas, and watch for how many people walk or drive by. If the area gets a lot of foot or street traffic, a car thief will feel less comfortable trying to break into the car.

Get a car alarm (and advertise it): Get a real-time vehicle tracking system for the car, and make sure to keep it active. Also, a car thief might think twice about stealing a car if they know the car has an alarm system. If an OnStar system comes with a window sticker, keep it in the window. A thief might be deterred just knowing that the car is protected.

Be extra careful with popular cars: Popular cars are easier to steal because they blend into traffic, and their car parts are in higher demand. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to tell drivers not to buy popular cars, but if drivers follow the other three steps, their car is less likely to be targeted by thieves.

Are there any tips you would add to The Car Connection’s list? Tell us below in the comments section!

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net