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Avoid This Common Used Car Buying Mistake


What are some mistakes that used car buyers can make?

What is interesting is that one of the first things that come to mind when that question is asked is not researching price or not staying in budget or not even making sure to shop for a car that suits their needs.  One of the most overlooked things that used car shoppers can do, according to USNews, is not looking at the tires.

Speaking with a senior consumer advice editor at Edmunds, they found that most people don’t give the car they’re looking at a proper inspection.  One of the things that gets missed even more is the tires.  According to the editor, Ron Montoya, buyers don’t look at the threads of the tires and see how old the tire is.  You can look at the sidewalls and see a four-digit number that will show you the week and year of the tire.  Knowing this simple fact can be a headache down the road for cost if you are not careful.

So bare that in mind the next time you’re doing used car shopping.  While we implore each and every buyer to examine their budget and make sure to set a price range for a vehicle they can afford and not to go over it, we don’t do enough to instill in them the knowledge of inspecting the vehicle.  It’s always a wise idea to take your time and test drive the vehicle, but looking at the tire age is also very important.

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