Survey: Car Ownership Leads to Less Public Assistance, Welfare

A recent survey of low-income Americans showed that car ownership can be the difference between a continued struggle or getting off of public assistance altogether.

The survey was conducted from 2007 to 2010 and included 445 loan recipients who were on public assistance. Of those recipients, a shocking 82 percent got off of welfare, accounting for $18.2 million in savings. Even more shocking, the program cost less than half of what was saved in public assistance money.

For millions of Americans, a car is essential to work. Public transit is not always available, or if it is available, it has been scaled back with bus or train lines closing or running on a limited schedule. When a family goes through a financial crisis and does not have access to a car, getting back to a normal life is an uphill battle. This study shows that if more people with no credit or damaged credit can get into a car, everyone benefits. The car buyers can rebuild their credit and open themselves up to more job opportunities, and less people will need to rely on public assistance.

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