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Bad Credit? Get Approved!


At Approved Loan Store, we like bad credit, and we love making it easy for you to get a new or used car today!  We have interest rates as low as 6% and every kind of make and model. Stop wasting time shopping around, and let us find the best deal for you! Click above to apply today!

Survey: Car Ownership Leads to Less Public Assistance, Welfare

A recent survey of low-income Americans showed that car ownership can be the difference between a continued struggle or getting off of public assistance altogether.

The survey was conducted from 2007 to 2010 and included 445 loan recipients who were on public assistance. Of those recipients, a shocking 82 percent got off of welfare, accounting for $18.2 million in savings. Even more shocking, the program cost less than half of what was saved in public assistance money.

For millions of Americans, a car is essential to work. Public transit is not always available, or if it is available, it has been scaled back with bus or train lines closing or running on a limited schedule. When a family goes through a financial crisis and does not have access to a car, getting back to a normal life is an uphill battle. This study shows that if more people with no credit or damaged credit can get into a car, everyone benefits. The car buyers can rebuild their credit and open themselves up to more job opportunities, and less people will need to rely on public assistance.

Approved Loan Store is here to help. Good credit or bad credit, we want to help you get into a new or used vehicle. Fill out our auto loan application here, and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest auto loan news.

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Approved Loan Store Provides Financial Tools, Competitive Deals to Consumers


Approved Loan Store Provides Financial Tools, Competitive Deals to Consumers

New York, NY – October 28, 2011 – For people looking to purchase their first home, buy a new car, or get approved for a loan, the process can be daunting. Most consumers don’t know where to start looking to get the best deal, and with poor or challenged credit, finding a bank or dealership is even tougher.

There are online resources available, but oftentimes consumers spend more time weeding through the junk than finding good deals. With their combination of social media savvy and good old-fashioned networking, Approved Loan Store hopes to change how people shop for a loan. Approved Loan Store is a network of banks, car dealerships, mortgage bankers, and other lenders who want to give consumers, particularly ones with poor credit, the best available interest rates.

Additionally, Approved Loan Store is a resource for financial education. Approved Loan Store founder Todd Campanella recently spoke about his intent in starting ApprovedLoanStore.com, stating, “I created ApprovedLoanStore.com to offer consumers the best financial resources to accommodate their needs.”

To that end, sections of the website are dedicated to credit cards, credit repair, and other topics that consumers face on a daily basis. Consumers with challenged credit can also seek help through the website with advice on improving credit health and referrals to credit repair services. There are also calculators that consumers can use to find out if they can afford a house or how much they are spending in interest on their credit card. Approved Loan Store is also utilizing newer technologies and social media like Twitter and Facebook to bring people more financial advice and news daily.

There is a perception that tools like Approved Loan Store are for people with poor credit, and consumers with good credit won’t have to shop around for a good deal. In reality, a consumer with very good credit have the most potential for getting a great interest rate and benefit the most from shopping around. Anyone can search for a better deal using Approved Loan Store whether they have a stellar credit history or they have survived a rockier financial history.

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