Ford’s New Safety Feature: Driver Stress Test

Today’s automakers continually amaze me. It is a really exciting time for new car technology with everything from self-driving cars to safety features protecting both drivers and pedestrians alike. The latest development from Ford, however, is more about the comfort and mental well-being of the driver and putting them in the best mindset to be a safe driver.

Ford is currently testing out biometric stress detectors which measure the driver’s temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate. When a driver shows indications of stress such as a heightened heart rate or if they are in high-stress driving situations based on speed or road conditions, the car will activate a Do Not Disturb function. Incoming texts or cell phone calls through SYNC and MyFord Touch systems will be ignored so the driver can better focus on driving.

Now, I can’t speak as to how well the prototype system works, but I love the concept behind Ford’s new anti-distracted driving system. I think that if this system eventually makes it to the market, it will be very popular with parents of teen drivers. Everyone from politicians to parent groups are trying to find a way to keep drivers off their phones while they are on the road, but having a hands-free system that disables itself when the driver is going too fast or driving on less-than-optimal roads is a step in the right direction.

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