Paris Motor Show: What’s New and Shiny from Chevrolet

The Paris Motor Show kicks off tomorrow, and all the major car manufacturers are giving auto enthusiasts an early sneak peek at what they can expect to see from the show. Today is our last day of coverage before the show, but you can get the latest from the Paris Motor Show via the show’s official website.

Chevrolet will be only debuting one new SUV at the Paris Motor Show, but they are showing off several new updates to old favorites that are certainly worthy of note.

First up, the headliner is the new Chevrolet Trax which Chevy has touted as dependable yet modern, a highly versatile SUV that handles like a car. It is a smaller sized SUV but has space to seat 5 people, and the seats can be folded over for additional storage in the back. For the driver, the Chevrolet Trax will include Chevrolet MyLink as a standard feature. MyLink syncs with the driver’s smartphone and allows the driver to place calls, select a music playlist, get directions, or access other information from their smartphone on the car’s high resolution touchscreen.  The screen also shows the car’s rear view camera, an invaluable tool when parallel parking.

I have a feeling that the Trax will appeal to people who like the look and space of an SUV vs. a sedan but prefer the handling of a smaller car. Families will probably be the target audience, and with the MyLink system as a standard feature, I could see the Trax doing very well with car shoppers who might otherwise consider a minivan or a four-door hatchback sedan.

The rest of Chevy’s Paris Motor Show line-up is mainly redesigns and updates. The Chevy Spark will get a redesigned grille, front bumper, head light covers, and fog lights as well as a new center LED light in the spoiler above the window. Additionally, the Chevy Orlando will be getting a new 1.4L turbo gasoline engine that will be more fuel efficient at about 38 miles per gallon, and the Cruze station wagon and Malibu diesel will be on display, though they have already premiered in Europe. Finally, Chevrolet’s two Youth Concepts, the Code 130R and Tru 140S, will be on display again. These concepts have previously been on display at shows around the world from New York to Beijing and Geneva, and they have gotten rave reviews. The Code 130R even made CNET’s top 10 best concept cars of the international auto show season, so while the Code 130R and Tru 140S have already been seen around the world, they are still an exciting addition to the Paris Motor Show.

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