CONSUMER ALERT: Counterfeit Air Bags

This morning, the NHTSA released a safety advisory to consumers regarding counterfeit air bags that were installed at repair shops not associated with a new car dealership. At Approved Loan Store, we want to keep our readers informed of any and all consumer alerts from organizations that could affect their driving safety, so we wanted to break down the advisory and give you strictly the information that you need to know.

First off, this is potentially only going to affect less than 0.1 percent of vehicles, but since they don’t have all the pertinent data, it could be more than that. Any consumer who bought their car new and never had their air bags replaced is not affected by this advisory, and consumers who had their car’s air bag installed at a repair shop associated with a new car dealership are also not affected.

If the following qualifications apply to you, then you should contact a local call center and get your car checked out at a new car dealership’s repair shop. You can get the number for your local call center at

  • Replaced vehicle’s air bags within the past three years at a repair shop not associated with a new car dealership
  • Purchased a used car and are unsure of the car’s full history
  • Purchased a car with a title branded salvage, rebuilt, or reconstructed
  • Purchased a replacement air bag from a non-certified source such as eBay

If you believe that your car might be affected, take care of it right away. The NHTSA has released a frightening video of what happens when these counterfeit air bags are deployed. Jalopnik is hosting the video here. This is not something to put off for a few days or a few weeks. If your car fits any of the categories listed above, get it checked out as soon as possible.

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