Electric Vehicles Outsell Plug-In Hybrids in March

March was a fantastic month for car sales in the U.S., but more notably, it was the best month for electric vehicles ever recorded.

Last month, there were 4,553 battery electric vehicles sold, outselling electric hybrids for the first time ever. There were 3,079 electric hybrid vehicles sold that month and an additional 46,327 hybrid units, bringing the total of electric and hybrid vehicles to 53,959 units.

By comparison, there were 2,616 battery electric vehicles sold in February and 2,022 vehicles sold in January. According to EV World News, the Nissan Leaf did quite well in March selling 2,236 units, and they outsold the Chevy Volt which sold 1,478 units in March. Nissan and Chevy both dropped their prices on the Leaf and Volt considerably last year after sales for both models were lagging, and March might be a sign of those discounts really paying off.

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Image courtesy of Victor Habbick / FreeDigitalPhotos.net