2013 in Review: Top Brands, Top Cars, and Lots of Growth

ID-1001209992013 was an exciting year for the auto industry. Repossessions and late payments were down, sales at individual franchises were up, and a third of auto loans approved are for subprime credit consumers. Dealerships are selling more cars, and more consumers can obtain an auto loan with low interest rates.

Of course, the million dollar question at the end of the year is which brand came out on top. Which models sold the most units in 2013, and which brands saw the most improvement? According to figures compiled by Autoblog.com, Ford was the best-selling brand of 2013, and General Motors was the best-selling car company of 2013. Jaguar as a brand and as a company had the biggest growth, 41.1 percent growth brand-wise and 20.2 percent growth as a company.

Unfortunately, Fiat could not hold onto the momentum from the end of 2012, where they saw a 121.4 percent volume growth. At the end of 2013, Fiat was one of the brands that ended the year below their previous year, a 1.2 percent drop in volume, though Volvo had the biggest sales volume drop of the year with a 10.1 percent dip. Overall, however, most brands performed very well, and the brands with volume sales decrease saw a relatively small drop in sales.

Readers, we want to hear from you! Did you purchase a new or used car in 2013? If the answer is yes, tell us about your new car in the comments section below! If the answer is no, tell us why in the comments section as well. With low interest rates (even for subprime credit buyers), there is no better time to buy than now!

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net