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Paul Ryan Budget Would Cancel Loans to Auto Industry

In the midst of the partisan bickering in Washington D.C. over the budget recently, the auto industry has been put on the chopping block by Paul Ryan’s Republican-backed budget.

Right now, there is a loan program in place for green energy efforts called the Advanced Technology Manufacturing Program. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush back in 2007, and part of the $25 billion program includes $16 billion which would go towards modifying auto factories. In Ryan’s proposal “The Path to Prosperity,” he was highly critical of President Obama over green initiatives, apparently forgetting that President Bush had signed it into law, and he claimed it “blocks proven domestic energy sources while spending recklessly on uncompetitive alternatives.”

Now, there should be debate over government spending in this country, and both Democrats and Republicans need to be willing to compromise. However, it is unfair of Paul Ryan to pin this program on President Obama and label it as “spending recklessly.” Alternative energy sources are the future, and we need car manufacturers making hybrid and electric cars now. If hybrid and electric cars start selling now, we will get early adapters in the next few years, and by the time we need to switch completely to hybrid or electric cars, America will be ready. Manufacturing fuel-efficient cars should not be a partisan issue; it should be common sense.

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Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net