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Paul Ryan Budget Would Cancel Loans to Auto Industry

In the midst of the partisan bickering in Washington D.C. over the budget recently, the auto industry has been put on the chopping block by Paul Ryan’s Republican-backed budget.

Right now, there is a loan program in place for green energy efforts called the Advanced Technology Manufacturing Program. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush back in 2007, and part of the $25 billion program includes $16 billion which would go towards modifying auto factories. In Ryan’s proposal “The Path to Prosperity,” he was highly critical of President Obama over green initiatives, apparently forgetting that President Bush had signed it into law, and he claimed it “blocks proven domestic energy sources while spending recklessly on uncompetitive alternatives.”

Now, there should be debate over government spending in this country, and both Democrats and Republicans need to be willing to compromise. However, it is unfair of Paul Ryan to pin this program on President Obama and label it as “spending recklessly.” Alternative energy sources are the future, and we need car manufacturers making hybrid and electric cars now. If hybrid and electric cars start selling now, we will get early adapters in the next few years, and by the time we need to switch completely to hybrid or electric cars, America will be ready. Manufacturing fuel-efficient cars should not be a partisan issue; it should be common sense.

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President Discusses Additional Financing for Green Cars

There’s some good news for the buyer who’s been looking at green cars such as the Nissan Leaf or the Chevrolet Volt. It turns out that the President is wanting to aid in special finance for such electric and hybrid cars.

President Obama, in a speech delivered at the Daimler Trucks North America manufacturing plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, made note of his goal to raise the existing tax credits on vehicles. This will pertain to vehicles from $7,500 to $10,000 in an attempt to make these new cars appealing to the average consumer. If a car buyer decides towards the hybrids, natural gas, or electric cars, they could be looking at being qualified for the credit.

“To cities and towns all across the country, what we’re going to say is, if you make a commitment to buy more advanced vehicles for your community — whether they run on electricity or biofuels or natural gas — we’ll help you cut through the red tape and build fueling stations nearby,” the President said, “And we’ll offer tax breaks to families that buy these cars, companies that buy alternative-fuel trucks like the ones that are made right here at Mount Holly. So we’re going to give communities across the country more of an incentive to make the shift to more energy-efficient cars.”

The plan that he has set forth will be investing up to $1 billion dollars in the National Community Deployment Challenge. This is being done in order to help the local communities get the infrastructure it needs to support the alternative fuel cars.

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Auto Lenders Optimistic About Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been out of the news as of late.  With President Obama finally selecting someone to lead it, it’s now in its infancy and about to embark on what it was created to do.  To this extent, Autonews.com reports that members of the CFPB have begun to meet with auto loan traders.  With so much mystery behind just what the bureau intends to do, the members of the American Financial Services Associations who were involved in the private meetings walked away with optimism about what was going to happen next.

AFSA CEO Chris Stinebert was impressed by the agencies want to make measures based entirely on data rather than knee jerk reactions.  “There are some good people at the CFPB — honest, dedicated, hardworking people with good experience and background. We have been very encouraged in our dealings with them.  They are not shooting from the hip. They state repeatedly they want to base decisions going on facts — not on anecdotes, but on data, on empirical research. If that is true, then we have very limited concerns.”

CFPB Assistant Director Richard Hackett echoed this approach to regulations they would pass.  “Our decisions on use of regulatory tools, whether enforcement, supervision, or otherwise, will be informed by data from stakeholders, including industry.”

According to the article, auto dealers will be exempt from the bureau with the exception of buy here, pay-here stores.  That being said, it’ll be impossible for dealers not to be affected by what happens to the auto lenders.  That leaves many of the lenders still anxious to see what happens next.  Bill Himpler, the AFSA executive vice presidents said, “Despite what we hear from the CFPB staff, what we hear from the field I don’t think really lowers our anxiety level.”

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