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Have Celebrity Car Endorsements Gone Too Far? Batman Reviews Hyundai i30

These days, every car manufacturer is looking for a celebrity to promote their latest, hottest models. Justin Bieber has his chrome Fisker Karma, Charlie Sheen drove a FIAT 500 Abarth through his house in FIAT’s “House Arrest” commercial, and Jerry Seinfeld tried to get his hands on an Acura NSX in last year’s Super Bowl commercial. Recombu Cars, a new source for independent car news and reviews, is taking a new route with the celebrity endorsement and soliciting the opinions of fictional characters.

Their first (and hopefully not last) “celebrity” auto critic is none other than Bruce Wayne’s famous alter-ego, Batman. Recombu Cars’ Rory Reid was filming a typical video review of the Hyundai i30 in Central London when his review was hijacked by the caped crusader. To say that Batman was initially underwhelmed by the i30 is an understatement. When Reid praised the i30’s spacious interior with plenty of room for families, Batman growled, “My parents are dead.”

By the end of the review, though, Batman had softened to the i30 and even begrudgingly asked if it came in black. I still doubt that Batman will pick up the i30 considering how much trouble he had with the voice-activated entertainment center. “Play CD…play CD…swear to CD!”

You can watch the full review below:

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FIAT’s New “Immigrants” Ad Gets It Right

In the past few years, FIAT has tried commercials starring model Catrinel Menghia, Jennifer Lopez, Charlie Sheen, and an Italian-speaking baby. Overall, the ads have been hit or miss, and in my opinion, they have sold the commercial’s gimmick better than the car. After seeing FIAT’s new commercial titled “Immigrants,” though, I think they might have finally gotten it right.

The commercial opens in Italy and plays up the heritage with traditional music and images of an Italian wedding and cyclists dressed in red, white, and green. FIAT 500s zoom around through the town and along the oceanfront. Suddenly, one FIAT calmly drives off the edge of a cliff into the ocean, and like lemmings, the rest of the cars follow into the ocean. The traditional Italian music fades out, and then the cars emerge on the other side of the ocean with the Statue of Liberty reflected in the windshield. Music by Pitbull fades in as the “immigrant” cars drive through the streets of New York, and the narrator says, “The next wave of Italians is coming to America, and they’ve come to party.”

You can view the full commercial below.

More than any other ad, “Immigrants” captures what sets FIAT apart from other brands. The ad is quirky, cute, and memorable. It creates a distinct identity for FIAT that will appeal to car shoppers, something that couldn’t be done with random celebrity appearances and talking-baby gimmicks. Hopefully FIAT will continue in this direction with their new ad campaigns and not swayed by a pretty face or a famous name.

What do you think of the ad? Do you like this new ad campaign from FIAT? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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