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Family Sells Classic 94-Year-Old “Honeymoon Car”

At Approved Loan Store, we love a good classic car, which is why we were so intrigued by a beautiful 1918 Chevrolet D-Series that will be up for auction in Hershey, Pa. next month.

What makes this particular car special besides its age and pristine condition is that the family selling the car is the same family who originally bought the car nearly a hundred years ago. According to a profile in the Wall Street Journal, the car has been passed down in the family for generations. The first owner was Elam Becker who received it as a gift from his father John Becker. Throughout the years, it was a good car for the family, and it was dubbed the “Honeymoon Car” after Becker drove to Washington D.C. and eloped with his then-fiancée.

When Becker bought a new car in 1928, he put the “Honeymoon Car” in storage and didn’t bring it back out until 1949 when he began restoring the car. He started doing car shows and events with his wife, and they always brought along their 1918 Chevrolet. In 1974, they even celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Hershey Fall Meet with their beloved car. After that, they gave the car to their son who is now selling it nearly 40 years later.

For car enthusiasts and anyone who loves a healthy dose of nostalgia, this car is a dream. It will probably sell for around $35,000 to $45,000 and will come with the original order sheet, bill of sale, and owner’s manual. The auction is scheduled for Thursday, October 11 thru Friday October 12 in Hershey, Pa., and you can get more information on the auction by contacting RM Auctions.

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Two-Face Car: State Farm Builds Monster Classic Car

Last weekend, The Dark Knight Rises broke box office records and won critical acclaim as well. America has Batman on the brain, including car enthusiasts, so Jalopnik was very excited to find a classic car rebuilt to resemble one of Batman’s most famous villains.

Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face, is an iconic villain, and even people who don’t read comic books know Two-Face. One side of his face is handsome, and the other is hideously deformed. Now, State Farm needed a new way to train classic car insurance appraisers so they could tell the difference between a good restoration and a shoddy one. They wanted something that would be memorable for the trainees, so instead of just bringing in a good classic car and a bad classic car, they build a classic car with two “faces.”

On the driver’s side, this 1968 Camaro has been meticulously refinished with an off-white paint job. On the passenger’s side, the car is a patchwork of parts covered in flashy red, white, and blue paint. The brakes, wheels, and cylinder heads don’t match, but the car does its job. Side by side, it isn’t hard to see the difference between the good restoration and the bad restoration.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a downer for anyone thinking about getting their hands on State Farm’s Frankenstein of classic cars. The “Harvey Dent” car is not exactly built for the road. It can drive well enough to use in training or show off at an auto show, but personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable driving it out on the road.

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Image Credit: State Farm on Flickr