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Chevrolet Spark Upgrades With New DC Chargers

Ever since electric cars hit the market, they have had a tough time taking off. At first, it was the price hindering sales, but recent discounts and tax incentives have made them more affordable. When they became affordable, people started questioning their safety, and rumors still persist that electric cars are significantly more dangerous than gas-driven cars despite automakers’ steps to make them safer. Yet another real problem plagues the electric car, however, and that is how long it takes an electric car to charge.

Right now, alternating current (AC) energy has to be converted to direct current (DC) before the energy can be stored in car batteries. The conversion process slows down battery charging, and it takes longer to charge up electric cars. If a car could power up with a DC charger, it would speed up the charging process.

With that in mind, General Motors announced this week that the new Chevrolet Spark will have the standard AC port as well as two DC ports. Since DC chargers are not as readily available, a number of companies are stepping up to make them more available, though Eaton and Fuji Electric do have DC chargers available on the market at this time.

Readers, we want to hear from you! Does GM’s announcement make you more likely to test-drive the Spark? Would a faster charging time make you consider checking out other electric cars? Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think!

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