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Auto Loan FAQ: What is a DTI?

ID-10042964At Approved Loan Store, we work with a wide range of customers every day. For some of them, they have gone through the car buying process before, and this is their second or third car. For others, however, we are helping them purchase their first car. Buying your first car with good credit can be intimidating, but buying your first car with poor credit or no credit can be downright frustrating. Over the next few weeks, we will answer some of our most-asked questions here on the blog, and we encourage our readers to comment below with any other questions you would like us to address!

Question: What is a DTI, and what does it have to do with my approval?

Answer: DTI stands for “debt to income.” It is the amount of money owed by a person including rent, utility bills, car insurance, credit card bills, etc. compared to the income earned by that person. A person’s DTI determines how much they can afford to pay for their car each month. People with less debt and higher income will obviously have more options available. They can make a down payment or negotiate higher monthly payments for a lower interest rate.

Consumers that don’t have an optimal DTI, however, should still apply through the Approved Loan Store. Our special finance representatives have years of experience helping customers to get into cars, especially customers with challenged credit. As part of our one-on-one customer meetings, the special finance representative will explore all available options and find the best plan to suit each customer’s needs.

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Low Monthly Car Payments Drive Subprime Credit Auto Sales

ID-10073066Going into summer 2013, banks and lenders are offering more options to subprime credit auto buyers including lower monthly payments and longer auto loan lengths.

According to Experian, the average monthly payment on a new auto loan in 2013 is $459, and new car buyers are extending the length of their loans as long as 84 months. 19.5 percent, or nearly 1 in 5 new car buyers, are opting for 73 to 84 month auto loans.

The obvious downside to a longer auto loan is that it will cost more in interest than a higher monthly payment and a shorter loan length. It is simple math, and there is no way around that. Still, a longer auto length is often a good option for consumers who need a lower monthly payment. Plus, they can always make higher payments and pay off the loan quicker if their financial situation changes and they have more money to put towards the loan.

Are you looking to buy a new or used car with poor credit? Do you know what payment and loan options are available to you? Approved Loan Store wants to help YOU get the car you want at terms you can afford, and we are ready to help you today! Get started right now by filling out our secure online auto loan application here, and for more auto news and buying tips, like Approved Loan Store on Facebook, follow Approved Loan Store on Twitter, and subscribe to Approved Loan Store on YouTube!

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