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New York Drivers Waste 57 Hours Annually in Traffic

Living and driving in New York City, it can sometimes feel like you’re wasting your life away in traffic. Well, as it turns out, that feeling isn’t completely crazy.

In a recent study by INRIX, New York City is the second worst city in regards to time wasted in traffic. Annually, New York City drivers waste an average of 57 hours, or nearly 2.5 days, in rush-hour traffic. They calculated the time that drivers spent in traffic during rush hour and compared it to the time taken to drive that same distance during times of the day with low traffic. The study results showed that New York City beat out every other city in the United States except for Honolulu where drivers waste an average of 58 hours in traffic.

Now, there isn’t much that New Yorkers can do about rush-hour traffic, but here are a few simple tips to make the trip more comfortable.

  1. Stay entertained: If you have an iPod plug-in, download some podcasts to pass the time. There are podcasts on every subject from entertainment news to history lessons and sports commentary. You can even learn a new language by podcast, and best of all, they are free!
  2. Keep hydrated: Nobody wants to get caught in traffic with a full bladder, but try sipping on water periodically to keep hydrated. Studies have shown that drinking a full glass of water in the morning helps to wake up the body.
  3. Stock up on healthy snacks: Skip the drive-thru breakfast. Instead, leave a box of granola bars in the car, and bring some fresh fruit every morning. Snack on it on the way to work, and you will arrive much more alert than you will with that greasy breakfast sandwich.

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