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Edmunds’ Picks for Best Used Vehicles of 2013

ID-10046212While a lot of automotive press is dedicated to the newest models or what lies ahead for automotive brands, Edmunds took a break this week to compile their list of the best used cars of 2013.

There are a lot of good reasons to buy a used car. For one, buyers can end up saving a lot of money and still get a quality car. Second, the value of a new car will depreciate very quickly, so if the buyer plans on trading it in sometime in the next few years, they might be unpleasantly surprised when they go for a trade-in depending on the model. Just as it is with any major decision, an argument can be made either way for buying new or used, but for our customers looking for a great used car, here is Edmund’s list of their used car picks for 2013.

Subcompact – 2007-2011 Honda Fit
Compact Sedan – 2006-2011 Hyundai Elantra
Midsize Sedan – 2007-2011 Ford Fusion
Large Sedan – 2006-2011 Toyota Avalon
Coupe – 2006-2011 Honda Accord
Convertible – 2006-2011 Volvo C70
Wagon – 2006-2011 Subaru Outback
Compact SUV/Crossover – 2006-2011 Honda CR-V
Midsize SUV/Crossover – 2006-2011 Toyota Highlander
Large SUV/Crossover – 2007-2011 Mazda CX-9
Minivan/Van – 2006-2011 Honda Odyssey
Cargo Van – 2006-2011 Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Compact Truck – 2006-2011 Toyota Tacoma
Large Truck – 2006-2011 Ford F-150
Luxury – 2006-2011 Infiniti G35/G37/G25
Hybrid – 2006-2011 Toyota Prius
Two-Seat Sports Car – 2006-2011 Chevrolet Corvette
Performance Car – 2006-2011 Ford Mustang GT

Brand-wise, Honda and Toyota tied for the most vehicles on the list with 4 each, followed closely by Ford with 3 vehicles on the list. By choosing a vehicle for each category instead of top 10 or 20 used vehicles in general, there is a car on the list for every driver and every family’s needs.

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Used Car Financing: ALG Announces Residual Value Award Winners

Earlier this week, ALG announced the winners of its 14th Annual Residual Value Awards which honors vehicles that are projected to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after a three-year period. Top honors for Mainstream and Premium brands went to Honda and Acura, but the big winner of the year was Toyota with six awards.

Toyota took home six segment awards for the Toyota Prius c, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Land Cruiser. Interestingly enough, though, Toyota only ranked sixth on the Mainstream Brand rankings after Mazda, Subaru, Scion, Hyundai, and Honda.

Here is a complete breakdown of the awards results and the top 10 brand rankings for Mainstream and Premium Brands.

Segment Awards

Sub Compact Car – Honda Fit
Compact Car – Hyunda Elantra
Midsize Car – Honda Accord
Fullsize Car – Hyundai Azera
Sports Car – Scion FR-S
Alt-Fuel Vehicle – Toyota Prius c
Minivan – Honda Odyssey
Sub Compact Utility Vehicle – MINI Cooper Countryman
Compact Utility Vehicle – Toyota FJ Cruiser
Midsize Utility Vehicle – Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
Fullsize Utility Vehicle – Toyota Sequoia
Midsize Pickup – Toyota Tacoma
Fullsize Pickup – Toyota Tundra
Premium Compact Car – MINI Cooper
Premium Midsize Car – Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Premium Fullsize Car – Lexus GS 350
Premium Executive – Lexus LS 460
Premium Sports Car – Porsche 911 Carrera
Premium Alt-Fuel Vehicle – Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTEC
Premium Compact Utility Vehicle – Acura RDX
Premium Midsize Utility Vehicle – Audi Q7
Premium Fullsize Utility Vehicle – Toyota Land Cruiser

Top 10 Mainstream Brands


Top 10 Premium Brands


Readers, we want to hear from you! Are you surprised by the awards and ranking results? Which cars would you have picked for the segment awards? Leave a comment below, and tell us what you think!

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