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Vehicle Spotlight: 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV

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Bodystyle: 4 door SUV
Engine: 4.0L I-6 cyl
Transmission: Automatic
Ext. Color: Silver
Int. Color: Black
Mileage: 95,498


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New Fuel Standard Predicted to Help Auto Industry

The news has been coming out recently about how much consumers are looking to getting more fuel efficient cars in an effort to deal with the rise in gas prices. Many hybrid classes have benefited not only from the resurgence of the auto industry such as the Ford Focus. It’s clear that the pump is what is really on people’s minds these days when looking to invest in buying a car.

A new report from Citi Investment Research and Analysis, along with Ceres, is predicting that the new fuel standards being enforced by federal regulations is going to be a massive benefit for the auto industry. The new 54.5 MPG standard is expected to increase the industry as a whole by 5.3 percent into 2020, bringing it up to $4.76 billion. The major auto makers (Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors) are looking to see improvements of around 4 percent.

Carol Lee Rawn is the transportation director of Ceres, and she sees that this new standard of fuel efficiency in cars is definitely going to help the industry. She says that, “Automakers who invest in more efficient vehicles are investing wisely. Given the volatility of gas prices – and the likelihood that they’ll head through the roof again – it’s clear that customers want better fuel economy and delivering it means a better bottom line for the industry.”

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No Credit No Longer Problem For Lending

If you’re one of the many people that suffers from having some bad marks on your credit report, well, there’s a silver lining in the clouds for you. Just a few years ago with the economy in the state it was in, having bad credit and attempting to get a credit card was a fool’s errand. That seems to have turned around lately, however.

An article from Fox Business quotes a new report from the Equifax credit bureau. According to the report, lenders are starting to look to the sub-prime borrowers to help spur the economy. The number of credit that was given in the previous year to consumers grew more than 10% to $782 billion. This includes everything from credit cards to mortgages and especially auto loans.

This is a huge shift from where things were when the recession was at its peak. Banks avoided lending to the sub prime market. They made it so that the only people getting the loans were only the most credit-worthy. Amy Crews Cutts, the senior VP and chief economist for Equifax, commented, “Banks want to lend because that’s where they make money.”

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Approved Loan Store Helps Customers Avoid “Sin” of Car Buying

NBC news affiliate WPTZ recently published a story about the 7 “sins” or pitfalls that consumers make while shopping for a car. The usual pitfalls were included like not doing research before going to the dealership and picking a new car that isn’t as nice over a used model of a better car.

The third “sin” of car buying, though, was one that Approved Loan Store understands very well. Not knowing your financial status (including your credit score) before going into a dealership is one of the biggest mistakes a consumer can make when shopping for a car. If your credit score is below par, you could wind up getting rejected several times and getting unnecessary inquiries put on your credit report. The article recommends applying online through a service like Approved Loan Store so you can get more information about your available options. They also noted that these services expedite the process and lead to a better and more informed decision.

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High Auto Sales Predicted for March

Will March be the best month yet this year for American automakers? U.S. auto sales have continued to surprise even the most optimistic analysts, and now, it is expected that March sales will make the beginning of 2012 the best quarter in four years.

The Fiscal Times attributes the soaring auto sales to two factors. First, the economy is improving. It might not always seem like it, but the economy is improving slowly but surely. Second, car buyers are having an easier time finding financing. Part of that is due to services like Approved Loan Store which help people with poor credit and good credit alike get into a car.

Car ownership is an important part of economic recovery. Rising car sales are not only a sign that people have money to spend, it also shows that people are taking steps to avoid future problems. Car ownership has a strong correlation with less dependance on public assistance because employees are not dependent on public transportation and are not limited to employment options close to bus lines or subways. The fact that people are choosing car ownership is very encouraging to both U.S. automakers and Americans hoping for economic recovery.

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