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Robert Kirkman, Hyundai Zombie-Proof the Hyundai Elantra Coupe

Zombies have taken over pop culture, and at the forefront of this trend of zombie stories is The Walking Dead comic book series and TV show. Zombie survival books and even this zombie-proof house have been popping up, and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has gotten in on the fun by designing the must-have car for the zombie apocalypse.

The car is a tricked-out version of the Hyundai Elantra Coupe. Since Hyundai is sponsoring the car, Kirkman put in a few good words about the car’s safety, maneuverability, and spacious interior, but once he got past the obligatory plug, he showed off some of the features of his zombie-proof car.

First, he added a spiked battering ram to the front. Zombies’ strength is in numbers, and a battering ram “would deflect bodies away from you as you plow through large masses of zombies.” Second, he put blades on the wheels to keep zombies at bay as the car is moving. Thirdly, he designed the car to have metal plates welded on all the windows so that if zombies get too close, they will still have a hard time getting into the car. Finally, he added a guard rail fence around the sunroof and additional headlights mounted on top. With these features, someone could open the sunroof and take shots at zombies, and the lights will give them better visibility.

Putting aside Hyundai’s obvious self-promotion, the concept drawings of the zombie-proof car are pretty awesome. As Kirkman says, he might not know physics and car design, but he does know what you need in a zombie apocalypse. If it looks good on paper, though, it will look even better in real life. Kirkman’s zombie-proof car will actually get built by Hyundai and showcased at the San Diego Comic-Con International next month.

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