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Business Insider: In the Auto Industry, Subprime is Not a Dirty Word

Here at Approved Loan Store, we work with customers with all sorts of credit situations. While we help out plenty of customers with good credit scores find a better deal, our specialty has always been working with consumers who have subprime credit.

Now, the term “subprime lending” has become a loaded term because people associate it with subprime mortgages, but there are enormous differences between the subprime auto and mortgage industry as outlined this week in an article by Business Insider.

There are two main reasons why subprime auto loans are not the same risk of subprime mortgage loans. First, consumers default less on auto loans than on mortgages. Car repos happen much quicker than foreclosures, so consumers feel compelled to keep up with their payments. Besides that, a car is necessary for many people to make it into work, especially in areas of the country without public transportation options. If they don’t have a car, they have to rely on other people for a ride to work, to the grocery store, or to go out on the town. Most people will make cuts where they need to so they can maintain their car and their independence.

Second, subprime auto loans are not nearly the same risk for lenders as subprime mortgages. This is why so many of Approved Loan Store’s lender partners have been able to offer these auto loans to consumers with very low credit scores while they would deny that same consumer for a credit card, a mortgage, or a personal loan. For this reason, auto loans are a great way for consumers with challenged credit to re-establish themselves and build up a positive payment history. We call this the “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance” effect.

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New vs. Used Cars War Rages On

There is a lot of debate among car and personal finance writers as far as buying new vs. used cars. Should car shoppers go with the security of a new car with no chance of a bad previous driver history, or should they go for the value with a used car?

In a recent article for Business Insider, financial planner Sophia Bera made the case for sticking with a reliable used car and not spending beyond one’s means on a luxury car. She cites Dr. Thomas Stanley’s research which found that Toyotas are the most popular car make among millionaires. By opting for a less expensive car, they had more money to save or put towards other luxuries like vacations or a nicer home.

Bera sings the praises of her 1997 Toyota Corolla which she bought used and is still running great. Her husband’s car, a 1998 Honda Civic, has also served them well, and since he paid it off in only nine months, they cut down on additional interest.

While Bera has some great points in her piece, we want to hear from our readers! Do you prefer buying new or used, and what would you choose for your next car? Leave a comment below, and tell us what you think!

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Average Price of New Cars On the Rise

Earlier this week, we showed why buying a used car is smarter than buying new. The value of a new car will depreciate very quickly only a few years after buying it, so the owner will get a better return on a used car vs. a new car if they eventually have to trade it in. As it turns out, Forbes is talking about the new vs. used car debate as well. A few days after we published our blog, Forbes published an article about the rising average price of a new car.

According to Forbes, the average cost of a new car or light truck is $30,303. The average cost has gone up $1200 from 2011, making a new car an even pricier investment with less potential return. To be fair, the cost of used cars has gone up slightly as well, but in most cases, buying a good used car is still the best choice in the long run.

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When It Comes to Cars, Buying Used is Buying Smart

In the first quarter of 2012, car sales are still on the rise with used car sales making up a large percentage of those sales, and according to Business Insider, the trend towards used cars is a smart choice.

Yesterday, Business Insider published their top 10 money mistakes “that everyone makes.” Most of the usual mistakes were on the list like paying a large interest rate on a credit card that gives miniscule cash rewards towards savings or buying the newest gadget on the day it goes on the market. Number 2 on the list, though, was buying a new car instead of a high-quality used car.

If I had to guess, I think consumers feel a bit safer buying a new car than a used car because a used car has history. They are afraid of buying a car that has hidden problems, or they have a certain level of pride that they don’t want to buy a used car.

Here is why Business Insider’s advice is completely right.

First of all, the value on a new car will drop very quickly. Car shoppers will pay through the nose for a new car, and if they go to trade it in even a few years later, they will get a fraction of what they initially paid. A new car is not a great investment. Second, there are so many fantastic used cars available at low prices, and car buyers can get the vehicle checked out by the dealership or a third party if they still feel unsure about buying used.

Approved Loan Store has access to a large inventory of used vehicles, and with our special financing programs, we can help car shoppers get into a great car, even those with challenged credit. Fill out Approved Loan Store’s auto loan application online here, and keep up with the latest auto news by liking Approved Loan Store on Facebook and following Approved Loan Store on Twitter.

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