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“Skyfall” Chase Scenes Feature Land Rover, Bring Back Aston Martin DB5

Skyfall, the newest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, hits theaters today, and there are two questions on moviegoers’ minds. First, how are the Bond girls? Second, what about the cars?

Early reviews of Skyfall had high praise for Ben Collins’ stunt work in the film. Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern marveled in his review, “Cars don’t usually get applause from movie audiences, though one of Bond’s rides did just that at the screening.” Collins, who previously worked on Quantum of Solace and The Dark Knight Rises, has spoken about his love for the Bond franchise and its famed cars. In Skyfall, he drove a Land Rover through the streets of Istanbul and got behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DB5, or as Collins puts it, set foot on “hallowed ground.”

The Aston Martin DB5 has been featured in Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, and Casino Royale. Skyfall will be the car’s fifth appearance in a Bond film. According to Forbes, 1,059 Aston Martin DB5s were produced from 1963 until 1966, and today they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2010, a DB5 featured in the Bond film Goldfinger was auctioned off for 2.9 million U.K. pounds or more than $4.6 million. Beyond its movie fame, the car has a top speed of 148 mph and can go from zero to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds.

You can get an early peek of the Aston Martin in Skyfall here:

Readers, we want to hear from you! Are you excited to see the Aston Martin DB5 back in action? Will you be seeing Skyfall this weekend? Leave a comment below, and let us know!

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Slackers Park in the Kitchen: Why Forbes’ Review of the Toyota Coms Misses the Point

Car companies have tried to appeal to young drivers with navigational systems, sound systems that sync with the driver’s iPod, and hands-free calling and texting. Toyota is trying a new tactic, though, by making their cars smaller than ever.

How small are these new Toyotas? Imagine parking in your kitchen.

Toyota’s new single-seater Coms are limited as far as space and weight. They can only fit a driver and 2 bags under a combined weight of 308 pounds, and the car’s top speed is 37.5 miles per hour. Still, this car could revive young drivers’ interest in car ownership.

In their review of the Coms, Forbes was more skeptical of the car’s appeal saying it “looks like it fell off a carnival ride.” Writer Michael Kanellos also makes a baffling observation that these cars are meant to “capitalize on the diminished expectations of global slackerdom.” This is such a cop-out answer to an industry-wide problem. Instead of blaming young people for not buying traditional cars and labeling them as slackers, maybe Kanellos should understand why cars like the Coms are so appealing to young drivers.

First off, more people are living in cities, and big cities can be costly for car owners. They have to pay for a parking space or a permit, and if they don’t get a designated spot, they have to spend lots of time searching for a spot. Also, many young people are still paying off student loans and working entry-level jobs, and they can’t justify the cost of a car plus insurance and parking fees. At this point, young people living in big cities would rather take public transit and rent a car only when they have to.

Imagine for a moment, though, how the industry would change with more cars like the Coms. The price ranges from $8,922 to $10,000, and they wouldn’t have to worry about paying $100 a month to park their car. Instead, they could drive it right into their apartment. It wouldn’t be able to handle a trip out of town, but they could take it down to the grocery store or out shopping. Young drivers would love it and would probably buy it. Kanellos thinks that driving is about feeling the “breeze blow back your hair,” and he believes that new drivers are a product of “global slackerdom.” I think these new drivers are money conscious and are waiting for a car to meet their needs, and the Coms could do just that.

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Approved Loan Store: Competitive Big City Car Deals Made Easy!

For car shoppers looking for a deal on used cars, a recent study showed that the best places to look are, surprise, at dealerships near big cities.

Car Gurus conducted a market analysis comparing car dealerships located within 50 miles from a major city with those in rural areas or far removed suburbs. They discovered that the average car shopper looking at dealerships near a major city would pay $345 less for a used car, and in high population states like New York, they could save as much as $500 over rural dealerships.

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Average Price of New Cars On the Rise

Earlier this week, we showed why buying a used car is smarter than buying new. The value of a new car will depreciate very quickly only a few years after buying it, so the owner will get a better return on a used car vs. a new car if they eventually have to trade it in. As it turns out, Forbes is talking about the new vs. used car debate as well. A few days after we published our blog, Forbes published an article about the rising average price of a new car.

According to Forbes, the average cost of a new car or light truck is $30,303. The average cost has gone up $1200 from 2011, making a new car an even pricier investment with less potential return. To be fair, the cost of used cars has gone up slightly as well, but in most cases, buying a good used car is still the best choice in the long run.

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