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Approved Loan Store: Competitive Big City Car Deals Made Easy!

For car shoppers looking for a deal on used cars, a recent study showed that the best places to look are, surprise, at dealerships near big cities.

Car Gurus conducted a market analysis comparing car dealerships located within 50 miles from a major city with those in rural areas or far removed suburbs. They discovered that the average car shopper looking at dealerships near a major city would pay $345 less for a used car, and in high population states like New York, they could save as much as $500 over rural dealerships.

Why are these New York City-area dealerships offering better deals? Well, these dealerships have more competition. Car shoppers have more options available to them, and they feel comfortable that if they can’t find a good deal at one dealership, they will try another one. This is doubly true for consumers with challenged credit or no credit. In a rural area, they might not have dealerships and lenders willing to work with them and get them the best possible auto loan terms.

The great thing about Approved Loan Store is how it makes the whole car shopping process so easy. Simply fill out our secure online auto loan application, and a representative contacts you within 24-48 hours. From there, they match you up with an associated Approved Loan Store location in your area and set an appointment with a Special Finance Representative. At the appointment, you will review all available options with your Special Finance Representative and get you into a car you want at terms you can afford. With Approved Loan Store, there’s no need to drive around to every dealership in the New York City area for the best deal on a used car. Click here to see testimonials from real Approved Loan Store customers that got into a great new or used vehicle!

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