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Another Show About Nothing…and Cars

The original “show about nothing” might not be returning to TV, but Jerry Seinfeld will be bringing a new show to the internet. What’s the show about? Nothing much, except coffee and cars.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is Seinfeld’s new web series. The show is exactly what the title suggests. Jerry Seinfeld takes one of his prized sports cars out for a drive and picks up a different comedian in each episode to go out for coffee. So far, the line-up includes such comedy greats as Colin Quinn, Joel Hodgson, Alec Baldwin, and Ricky Gervais, and Seinfeld fans will be excited to hear that Larry David and Michael Richards will be making appearances.

The show premieres July 17th, but a few sneak peeks have been posted on YouTube and the show’s website. While it is hard to tell if Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will be a success like Seinfeld or a flop like The Marriage Ref, the short-form format is a huge advantage. Audiences can casually check out a few episodes, and because there is no on-going plot or storyline, people can start watching whenever they want. Plus, Seinfeld is hitting two types of shows that have been very successful recently, which are celebrity shorts and celebrities with cool cars. Will Ferrell has had many viral hits with Funny or Die, and Jay Leno’s Garage website has also done fairly well.

Personally, I’m sold. The promo clip with Ricky Gervais was hilarious, and I love to listen to comedians chat, mostly because they’re a bunch of hams and have to one-up each other. It is one of the reasons why I love Louis C.K.’s Louie. As a bonus, I’ll get to see Jerry Seinfeld’s car collection, and from the promo alone, it looks like he has a pretty nice collection.

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Auto Advertising Changes For New Trend of Buyers

Car buyers have been struggling along with the auto industry and now are both seeing an upturn in their situation with the economy finally recovering.  With more money in their pocket, they are wanting to get back in the seat. The problem the industry is facing, however, is how to advertise to the interested party.

According to a report by the Foresight Research, buyers have begun to turn away from advertising that makes the car out to be “sporty” or “fun to drive.” People are looking to get quality out of their vehicle, they care more about seeing a vehicle as “competitive” and in “discounts.”

The constant rising of gas prices has also given rise to the consumer who wants to make sure that their car has good fuel economy. The report also notes that brand recognition still plays a large role in what people purchase. Due to that, it’s not really surprising that the strong sales in February were in part to the fuel efficient cars such as the Honda Civic and Ford Focus.

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