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HIRIKO Cars and the Future of City Driving

Earlier this week, we told you about a survey rating the worst cities in America when it came to time wasted in traffic. New York City came in second place, beating out Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. As bad as traffic is, though, parking in New York City might possibly be worse. Finding a parking spot can be a frustrating experience, and drivers wish their cars could fold in half and squeeze into those small spaces.

As it so happens, the HIRIKO Project wants to make the dream of a fold-able car into a reality. The HIRIKO is a fully electric car built for city driving. Based on MIT’s citycar concept, the vehicle comfortably seats 2 people. When the driver is ready to park, the front egg-like section slides back, and the car becomes half of its normal length and smaller than the tiny Smart Cars currently on the market now.

For anyone who has ever driven in a big city like New York, this is a game-changer. HIRIKO might not be practical for families or people who need trunk space, but it is perfect for a couple going out for a night on the town or someone who has to do a lot of city driving on a daily basis. Besides that, I get such a kick out of watching them fold up. It is like watching a sci-fi movie coming to life. I almost expect to see characters from Tron climbing out of the car with the black jumpsuits and neon stripes.

Check out the HIRIKO in action below.

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Good Driving Made Simple (And Hilarious!)

From the time teenagers turn 14 and apply for their learner’s permit, they are bombarded with driving advice. Turn down the music, pay attention to the road, always wear your seat-belt, and so on and so forth. According to a web comic that is making the rounds online, though, driving is not as complicated as it sounds.

Jalopnik was one of the first news sites to post up the comic/flow chart which is seen below. It seems that driving properly all comes down to one factor, using the passing lane in the correct fashion.

As a frequent driver, I got a kick out of the comic. Yes, driving properly is really more involved than this flow-chart would suggest, but if people used the passing lane correctly, it would go a long ways in improving the roads. I think everyone at some point has experienced the frustration of another driver using the passing lane but not actually passing anyone, so on behalf of all the drivers using the lane properly, we ask that everyone else read this chart and follow it, please. It’s not too much to ask.

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Ford SYNC’s New Texting Feature: Safety Feature or Another Driver Distraction?

As concerns about texting while driving are on the rise, Ford SYNC is heading off concerns with a new upgrade which will keep driver’s eyes on the road and off their phones.

The Ford SYNC previously let drivers make calls, play music from iPods and other music devices, and access directions through voice-activated technology. There are also emergency features built in. SYNC will call 9-11 if the car is in an accident. Now, Ford has added more voice-activated controls for tablets, including texting. If prompted, the SYNC will even read back text messages to the driver.

The issue of “distracted driving” as it has been coined in the media is a contentious one. Even with these upgrades, the MyFord Touch technology and correspondingly the Ford SYNC have been under fire from consumer groups and the press for being difficult to use and prone to glitches. Critics of the Ford SYNC would argue that these upgrades and new features could be just as distracting as calling or texting while driving, if not more so. The driver is still dividing their attentions between driving and their call or text. Hands-free or not, these features are still a distraction.

Readers, we want to hear from you! Do you currently have any hands-free phone devices in your car, and do you think the Ford SYNC is a step forward or just another driving distraction? Leave a comment below, and head over to our Facebook page to vote in this week’s fan poll. If you’re looking to get into a new car, head over to our Approved Car Loan page today!

Image: winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net